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androidOne of the problems with using the ADT Eclipse and its in built Emulator for android development is that its way too slow. But there is a solution.

the folks at have a much faster emulator for use with eclipse at its very simple to get to started, just go to their site and register and follow the instructions. The emulator that you install is at least 20 times faster and well worth the time to install and setup.

Full credit to for their article:



Creating a OnClick Handler for a button:



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Store and Use Files as Assets:


Example of using SAX and reading a local XML File

IBM Working with XML and Android:

Android – SAX Parsing Example


SQLite DataBase Programming Example


Make Icon Action Bars and More:

kickasstorrents.com_01So like the UK ISP’s irish ISP’s have to block the probably the 2nd best torrent on the net, with thepiratebay being number one. Anyway there are ways around it by going to the sites below;




Partition Manager:

Boot Manger:



Dot Product:

{4,3} . {-5,2}


Cross Product:

Enter your two vectors as;

{5,6,-2} x {1,2,3}



Simultaneous Equations:




This is why U2 became awesome, their performance is nothing near Queen;s but still its awesome. Plus Bono’s Head is still too big!

Probably one of the best performances of Queen and of all Live Aid 85.

Amazing performance from the king of Disco Nile Rodgers.

I love songs from the 80′s and even the 90s but i think songs from the 80′s are just amazing. So heres my youtube playlist of what i think are 80′s classics, its still a work in progress.

In fact alot of the songs below are not what youd’s think are the big hits of the 80′s but rather the ones you heard on the radio in the  80′s and always wondered the bands or name.

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